Teresa Salem, D.M.D.

Holbrook Dental

I love being a dentist because I truly love people. I enjoy meeting them and listening to their stories. Just interacting with people is rewarding and fulfilling. What I truly enjoy most is the ability to make a difference in people's lives — a positive difference that sometimes is truly profound very rewarding. Lucky for me, this reward is also my purpose as a dental caregiver: to ensure people have healthy, attractive and confident smiles that last.

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Trust the complete services, experienced hands & uncommonly honest, dedicated care of Dr. Teresa Salem at Holbrook Dental, LLC.

Your smile. It's the cornerstone of your expression. It's also often the first thing that people notice about you. It represents you, and it's a big part of who you are. You deserve a smile that's healthy, confident and appealing and you deserve dental care that's not only personalized to you but is backed by excellent training, experienced skill and a unique commitment to caring for you and not just your teeth.

From general dental care to smile makeovers, cosmetic procedures and even full mouth reconstruction, Dr. Salem meets your needs with complete care, experienced hands and up-to-date knowledge. At the same time, all of us here believe that this is best accomplished through the genuine concern, compassion and down-to-earth relationship of real people caring for real people. Learn more about our dental services including cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, root canal, reconstructive dentistry, periodontics treatments, dental implants then schedule your preferred appointment at Holbrook Dental in Holbrook,in Ma.

New patients are always welcome. Dr Salem looks forward to meeting you and being your lifelong partner in dental health.